This site is dedicated to the documentation of the recipes brought by SmartSDK to launch, test and experiment different FIWARE Generic Enablers and combinations of them known as common use cases.

Recipes will be based on Docker and maybe some complementary scripts. For simple cases, you may be able to run them on a single Docker host using docker-compose. However, the more interesting scenarios are aimed to be run in a Docker Swarm cluster.

Recipes are organized in folders respecting the FIWARE Chapters and the Generic Enablers they are aimed to work with. Shared functionality can be found in the utils folder.

Also, you may want to have a look at the Tools section, specially if you want to test the recipes in a local environment.

Getting started

Head first to the Installation section and follow the instructions to get the code and set-up your environment.

Then, feel free to explore the different recipes and their referenced parts of the corresponding FIWARE documentation. Note that the structure of this documentation is mapped to the structure of the repository recipes folders to make your navigation easier.

Don't miss the Contributing section in case you'd like to improve this repo.