Please make sure you read the welcome page and followed the steps explained in the installation guide.


Let's test a deployment of Comet with multiple replicas in both its front-end and backend. The idea now is to get the scenario illustrated below.

Later, this could be combined for example with an HA deployment of Orion Context Broker.

A walkthrough

First, you need to have a Docker Swarm (docker >= 1.13) already setup. If you don't have one, checkout the tools section for a quick way to setup a local swarm.

    miniswarm start 3
    eval $(docker-machine env ms-manager0)

Comet needs a mongo database for its backend. If you have already deployed Mongo within your cluster and would like to reuse that database, you can skip the next step (deploying backend). You will just need to pay attention to the variables you define for Comet to link to Mongo, namely, MONGO_SERVICE_URI and REPLICASET_NAME. Make sure you have the correct values in frontend.env. The value of MONGO_SERVICE_URI should be a routable address for mongo. If deployed within the swarm, the service name (with stack prefix) would suffice. You can read more in the official docker docs. The default values should be fine for you if you used the Mongo Replicaset Recipe.

Otherwise, if you prefer to make a new deployment of Mongo just for Comet, you can take a shortcut and run...

    sh deploy_back.sh

After a while, when the replica-set is ready, you can deploy comet by running...

    sh deploy_front.sh

Now, as usual, a brief test to confirm everything is properly connected. As a source of notifications, we have deployed Orion in the swarm (see Orion in HA for example).

For convenience, let's save the IP address of the Orion and Comet services. In this scenario, since both are deployed on Swarm exposing their services ports, only one entry-point to the Swarm's ingress network will suffice.

    ORION=http://$(docker-machine ip ms-manager0)
    COMET=http://$(docker-machine ip ms-manager0)


    sh ../../context-broker/insert.sh $ORION
    sh ../../context-broker/query.sh $ORION


    sh ../subscribe.sh $ORION
      "subscribeResponse" : {
        "subscriptionId" : "58bd1940b97cc713f5eacdb7",
        "duration" : "PT24H"


    sh ../../context-broker/update.sh $ORION

And voila:

    sh ../query_sth.sh $COMET
    "contextResponses": [
            "contextElement": {
                "attributes": [
                        "name": "temperature",
                        "values": [
                                "attrType": "Float",
                                "attrValue": 23,
                                "recvTime": "2017-03-06T08:09:36.493Z"
                                "attrType": "Float",
                                "attrValue": 29.3,
                                "recvTime": "2017-03-06T08:11:14.044Z"
                "id": "Room1",
                "isPattern": false,
                "type": "Room"
            "statusCode": {
                "code": "200",
                "reasonPhrase": "OK"