IoT Agent (LWM2M)

Official documentation of this IoT Agent: here


Please make sure you read the welcome page and followed the steps explained in the installation guide.

HTTP Transport

What you can customise

Via ENV variables

  • IOTA_VERSION: Version number (tag) of the Agent Docker Image. Defaults to latest.

  • IOTA_LWM2M_PORT: Defaults to 5684.

  • IOTA_LOG_LEVEL: Defaults to DEBUG.

  • IOTA_CB_HOST: Defaults to orion.

  • IOTA_CB_PORT: Defaults to 1026.

  • IOTA_NORTH_PORT: Defaults to 4041.

  • IOTA_REGISTRY_TYPE: Defaults to mongodb.

  • IOTA_MONGO_HOST: Defaults to mongo.

  • IOTA_MONGO_PORT: Defaults to 27017.

  • IOTA_MONGO_DB: Defaults to iotagentjson.

  • IOTA_MONGO_REPLICASET: Defaults to rs. Unset to disable replicaset option.

  • IOTA_PROVIDER_URL: Defaults to http://iotagent:4041.

For the documentation of the variables please refer to the global configuration docs.

Via Files

  • config.js: Feel free to edit this file before deployment, it will be used by the agent as its config file. It is treated by docker as a config.

Deploying this recipe

We assume you have already setup your environment as explained in the Installation.

    docker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml iota-lwm2m

The deployed services will be:


If you are following the official step-by-step guide, you can quickly launch the lwm2m client as:

    docker exec -ti [AGENT_CONTAINER_ID_HERE] node_modules/lwm2m-node-lib/bin/iotagent-lwm2m-client.js